The Snyderphonics JD-1 Custom Keyboard/Sequencer was shipped to the person who commissioned it. You can read the manual for the prototype model (with some features not yet implemented) here.


JD-1: Testing Functionality from Jeff Snyder on Vimeo.


I am working hard on the MantaMate, a Eurorack module that will allow Manta users to perform without a computer, directly controlling analog synthesizers. It will also be able to act as a CV converter for USB-MIDI devices, and game controllers like joysticks. I don't have a set date for release right now, but stay tuned!


Spencer Russell wrote a fantastic open source library for the Manta. If you are a programmer and have an idea for some Manta software, this API will make it much simpler to talk to the Manta.

Here's a link to the project: