New standalone Manta routing program by Richard Knight!
It's got a relatively simple feature set, but it works great for sending Manta data to music applications without the use of Max/MSP.

It's open source, and lives on Google Code.



New Manta Object beta - written by Spencer Russell
for Max/MSP on OS X (1.04)
for PureData on OS X (1.03)
for PureData on Linux (1.03)

the new Manta object will not work with older patches. You can use this "shim" abstraction to run older patches with the new object -- just put it in place of the manta object. Manta Shim

Here is a new example of how to use the new manta object. More will be created soon. Look at the help file for more information Examples for New Max Object

Source Code:
Source Documentation:



Manta Max object (for use with Cycling 74's Max/MSP program)
Manta Max object: Mac OS X
Manta Max object: Windows

MantaCocoa (standalone by Jan Trutzschler, useful for routing OSC and MIDI to other software)
(OS X only)

Old Package of examples for Max/MSP (not for use with the new beta object) (these work with both Windows and Mac OS X)

More software can be found in the forum.