MANTRID (manta to MIDI application)

By Tom Drinkwater, originally based on MacManta by Richard Knight.
Works great for sending Manta data to music applications (i.e. Abelton, ProTools, etc) without the use of Max/MSP.

It's open source, and lives on this page.


MantaOSC, by Gene Kogan

A simple application for routing OSC network messages to applications like SuperCollider or ChucK by Gene Kogan
This is the page for MantaOSC
and here is the direct download.


V 1.05 MAX/MSP OBJECT, MantaFlext

New Manta Object beta - written by Spencer Russell
for Max/MSP on OS X (1.05)
for Max/MSP on OS X (1.04)
for PureData on OS X (1.03)
for PureData on Linux (1.03)

the new Manta object will not work with older patches. You can use this "shim" abstraction to run older patches with the new object -- just put it in place of the manta object. Manta Shim

Here is a new example of how to use the new manta object. More will be created soon. Look at the help file for more information Examples for New Max Object

Source Code:
Source Documentation:


command-line MantaOSC router

This is a command-line program that simply translates to and from Manta and OSC messages. Simple and works on embedded linux with a little elbow grease. Only for those comfortable with the command line.
The Github site.