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More information: The MantaMate.
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The MantaMate manual is now available: MantaMate Manual

The MantaMate is a Eurorack analog synthesizer module that allows the Manta and other controllers to communicate with an analog synthesizer. It turns the Manta into a powerful sequencer and keyboard for your synth.

It also acts as a general-purpose USB-MIDI to CV converter, acting as an embedded host for USB-MIDI devices and acting as a device for a host computer, so you can control the CV outputs from your DAW.

Additionally, the MantaMate makes it possible to connect inexpensive HID game controllers such as flight-simulator joysticks to your modular synthesizer.

width = 12HP, current draw = 380mA from +12v (at peak), 70mA from -12v, 70mA from 5v.

Also, 3rd edition Snyderphonics Mantas are still available.

The Snyderphonics JD-1 Custom Keyboard/Sequencer was shipped to the person who commissioned it. You can read the manual for the prototype model (with some features not yet implemented) here. I currently have no plans to make this available as a commercial product, but it was an interesting custom job! Much of the sequencer/keyboard design inspired functionality in the MantaMate, so it was also useful in that way.


JD-1: Testing Functionality from Jeff Snyder on Vimeo.

Spencer Russell wrote a fantastic open source library for the Manta. If you are a programmer and have an idea for some Manta software, this API will make it much simpler to talk to the Manta.

Here's a link to the project: